Deal or No Deal Bankers Gamble

Deal or No Deal Bankers Gamble

Deal or No Deal Bankers Gamble is the popular £100 jackpot fruit machine from Bell Fruit, with stakes of 25p, 50p and £1 available. Using a combination of varies older Deal or No Deal £100 jackpot fruit machines, the Bankers Gamble makes for a reasonably enjoyable playing experience.

The Bankers Gamble resembles Deal or No Deal Star Prize, with an inner and outer playing board, and uses elements from far older fruit machines such as JPMs Ricochet in the form of the bonus in the bottom right of the game.
Additionally there is a progressive cashpot with three values displayed on each stake. The 25p stake can only reach £25, however 50p and £1 stakes are often on the maximum of £100. Any awarded values offers a repeat chance allowing for a maximum win of £200.

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Deal or No Deal Bankers Gamble

The feature board looks very similar to Deal or No Deal Lucky Streak, however the game play feels different. The main attraction is the Deal or No Deal super board which opens up the standard DoND feature game with £25, £50, cashpot and £100 as the highest available awards. If you choose to deal or play to the end, a further option of Box 23 becomes available. Box 23 is a gamble which offers one of five possible outcomes; double your money, add £10, break even, lose half, win 1p. Like all fruit machines, the maximum in per credit is £100, so Box 23 can award a maximum of £100.

Aside from the standard gameplay, Deal or No Deal the Bankers Gamble is played on three reels and one win line. The largest reel win available is three bells for jackpot, although in all likelihood you will never win the jackpot that way.

6 Total Score
Take on the Banker with Deal or No Deal the Bankers Gamble

A Deal or No Deal Star Prize clone.

  • Tends to awarded multiple DoND bonus games in a row.
  • Possible to win £200.
  • Bonus box is not random.
User Rating: 0.7 (1 votes)
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