Maximum Deal or No Deal

Maximum Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is back, and this time it is in Maximum mode! Maximum Deal or No Deal is a £100 jackpot, multi-stake slot machine from Bell Fruit with so much going on that the entire game looks very cluttered.
We have the usual progressive cashpots, this time located in the bottom right, like the Spank the Banker fruit machine of years gone by. The cashpot is progressive on all stakes, with £25, £100 and £100 the maximum, and most common limits on each stake. There is also a double Deal or No Deal game which interestingly does not have a cashpot as one of the prizes, there are also only fourteen different values, as opposed to the usual sixteen on other Deal or No Deal £100 jackpot fruit machines.

Maximum Deal or No Deal is played on multiple levels once the feature entry starts. The outer level is the usual shots and phones scattered about, very similar to DoND Golden Game. If you manage to move in to the super game, you will have the chance to win the cashpot from lighting three golden boxes. There are two super boards that can be opened for even more chance to increase your winnings. Maximum Deal or No Deal also brings back the Power Play button, this time in the form of ‘Ask Noel’. Depending on when you use this button, Noel will offer different advice. You can save this button to use at any time, from a basic survival of mystery, to doubling your offer on the Maximum Deal or No Deal super board.
The Deal or No Deal super board has multiple levels, standard, super and mega, although jackpot is achievable on any of the levels.

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Maximum Deal or No Deal

Maximum Deal or No Deal uses elements of a lot of different Deal or No Deal fruit machines, and although they may have gone a little overboard, once you are used to what is happening, the fruit machine has the potential to be very enjoyable and generous.
Due to the nature of the Ask Noel button, you can expect this fruit machine to be targeted by so called professional players, in the same way in which Power Play was.

The ideal stake to play is 50p in the majority of situations, however this could be dependent on the value of the cashpot. Like most Bell Fruit £100 jackpot fruit machines, playing on £1 stake can be very costly so bare that in mind if you are hoping for a low cost bit of fun. Additionally, the more Noel heads you light up during the game, the higher the value of the streak.

Maximum Deal or No Deal is available to play in chain pubs and possibly some larger arcades. You can play a lot of Bell Fruit slot machines online in the new casino; Betfred Casino which offers a £500 deposit bonus for new players available here.

5 Total Score
Another Deal or No Deal Fruit Machine

Deal or No Deal but without the random box choice.

  • It's ok for a quick play.
  • Uses the popular Deal or No Deal bonus game.
  • Very difficult to win the £100 jackpot.
  • The DoND box is not random.
  • Costly for feature boards.
User Rating: 2.4 (1 votes)
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