2D Roulette

2D Roulette is a fixed-odds betting game based on the traditional casino classic, roulette. It’s brought to you by Rizk. There are several betting outcomes for players to place bets on. It’s a quick-bet version of roulette.

Some casinos offer players the opportunity to try the game before wagering any cash. I found this to be a great feature for newbie casino players like myself. When you have used your £100 in imaginary funds, you will get a message pop up on the screen asking you if you would like to play for real.

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2D Roulette Gaming Board

The gaming screen has many features and options for players to get their heads around. The options button allows additional features such as:

  • Animation – if you don’t wish to see the table spin, select the ‘off’ button. The ball will show and will go straight to one of the end positions.
  • Sound – click the off button if you wish to play with no sound.
  • How to bet demo – this is an animated guide that shows you how to play
  • Betting history – this shows you the gaming summary. Click the more button for an in-depth description on the betting sessions.
  • Decimal odds – press this button to change the way the odds are displayed.

How to Play 2D Roulette

You simply choose your stake or chip size and place your bet on the betting table. The numbers you are betting on will be highlighted as you hover your mouse over them. Select ‘bet now’ for a single game or choose auto-bet to select up to 10 games, then sit back and wait for the result. If you’ve placed a winning bet, you will be credited immediately.

Types of bet

  • Red – is a bet on the number being red – this pays evens
  • Black – is a bet on the number being black – this pays evens
  • Odd – is a bet on the number being an odd number – this pays evens
  • Even – is a bet on the number being an even number – this pays evens
  • 1 to 18 (low) – is a bet on a number being low, between 1 and 18 – this pays evens
  • 19 to 36 (high) – is a bet on a number being high, between 19 and 36 – this pays evens
  • 1st 12 – is a bet on the number being in a group of numbers (1 to 12) – this pays 2:1
  • 2nd 12 – is a bet on the numbers 12 to 24 – this pays 2:1
  • 3rd 12 – is a bet on the numbers 25 – 36 – this pays 2:1
  • Column (2 to 1) – is a bet on one of the 3 boxes marked ‘2 to 1’ – this pays 2:1
  • Straight – is a bet on a single number between 0 and 36 – this pays 35:1
  • Split bet – is a bet split between two numbers next to each other – this pays 17:1
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A Slight Variation of Traditional Roulette

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