Bookies Roulette 2018

Bookies Roulette 2018

Bookies roulette is the name given to the roulette machines in the High Street betting shops. The most popular versions of bookies roulette can be found in Ladbrokes, Coral and William Hill. Each betting shop has multiple versions of the game, although the principle is the same across all of the betting terminals.
Choose your numbers and hope for the best, with stakes from £1 up to £100 per spin, and with spins every 20 seconds, the amount you can spend in a very short time can be immense. These roulette machines should certainly be played with caution.

My personal favourite is Super Gambler Roulette, found on the FOBTs in Ladbrokes and Coral. I’ve played it enough to know roughly where the ball is going to land, and as I generally bet just under half the wheel, I know if I have won or lost straight away from the moment the ball spins. This can be annoying, but as each FOBT roulette game has only a couple of animations for each spin, it’s also to be expected.

FOBT roulette is random, by law it has to be so. The number is generated off site by a random number generator that produces thousands of potential outcomes every second. The moment you press ‘bet’ is the moment the outcome has been decided, what follows is an animated sequence of the already decided outcome. Bookies roulette can often give the appearance of been ‘fixed’ due to the amount of spins generated per hour compared to standard casino roulette. Legally the FOBT can have a spin every 20 seconds, that is potentially £300 every minute. A real casino aims for around once spin every 90 second, and of course you see a real person spinning the wheel.
Since the recent legislation from April 2015, a £50 cap per spin has been put in place unless authorised over the counter or the terminal is credited with a debit card. This was an attempt to limit excessive gambling on roulette, but I doubt it has made much if any difference.

Since the time of writing, there are around 20 different types of FOBT roulette. The best odds will be the ones without the bonus games as these have less positions to land in. The additional gambling options at the end of some of the games also have odds slightly in the terminals favour, so gambling on these will gradually decrease your money over time.

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Bookies Roulette

Bookies Roulette Strategy

As mentioned previously, the best odds are on the roulette games without the additional bonus. The bonuses pay odds which are essentially equal to double zero roulette, so avoiding these is in your long term best interest.
A strange betting behaviour that you often see in the bookies but not in casinos is the covering of every number on the roulette wheel. A lot of players do this, and playing roulette like this will result in an almost guaranteed loss, or a very small increase. You are far better laying your money on just your favourite numbers; if they come in you win a chunk of money.

Bookies Roulette Tips

Although it may not always seem like it, the roulette games in the bookies are random, and as such numbers and patterns do not become ‘due’. The random number is generated the moment the bet button has been pressed, if you press the button a second later, a different number will have been generated.
Roulette games with progressive pots such as Key Bet Roulette and Extra Bet Roulette will occasionally get to a point where the odds are in the players favour due to the value of the progressive pot. Although it is increasingly difficult to find, a Key Bet Roulette pot of around £220 or more is slightly in the players favour. This is the long term average, but if you played them all day every day, you would eventually turn a profit if you played strictly for the progressive pot only. This also applies to other progressive pot roulette games, such as Lucky 8 and Betfred Bonus Roulette, however the odds and values on these varies due to the way the bonus pot is awarded.

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