Deal or No Deal Roulette

Deal or No Deal Roulette

Deal or No Deal Roulette brings us the best of two great gambling games, Deal or No Deal and roulette. The concept is simple, as both games follow an easy to understand format that allows gamblers to jump straight in without too much explaining.
Deal or No Deal Roulette is available in most bookies and also online in some casinos. The layout and gameplay varies slightly between certain locations, but the overall concept is the same; play a standard game of roulette with bonus positions of either a win multiplier or a game of Deal or No Deal.

Deal or No Deal Roulette in the bookies has the usual maximum betting limits of £100 per spin, or £50 if you haven’t activated the higher stakes option behind the counter or with a bookies gaming card. The maximum bets on a single number are the same as regular bookies roulette, allowing for a maximum possible win of £500 per spin. The Deal or No Deal bonus game has slightly lower maximum betting limits as the odds of winning the £500 this way are slightly different. You can bet a minimum of £1 on each of the two bonus positions, with increasing stakes increasing the potential win of the bonus game.
When you are happy with all of your bets, providing the minimum betting threshold has been placed (either £1 or £5), press bet to spin the wheel.
Like all bookies roulette games, Deal or No Deal Roulette is random, but the outcome of the roulette game is determined the moment the bet button has been pressed, what follows is an animation of the pre-selected outcome.

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Deal or No Deal Bookies Roulette

Deal or No Deal Roulette

When the virtual ball has landed in its resting place you’ll be either awarded your winnings and/or have the option to repeat your bet. If the ball has landed on one of the bonus positions, that game will then be played if you have placed at least one chip on it.
The Deal or No Deal game is the most fun, and also has the largest winning potential, often up to £500 (online has far more). The bonus game plays like any other Deal or No Deal game; simply select your box, then eliminate other boxes to collect your reward or play until the end. The game is random, and the offers are fair, so it does make it tempting to collect an offer if it is high, but you’ll never win big if you keep doing that.

Deal or No Deal Roulette is a bonus roulette game with slightly worse odds than regular roulette due to the extra positions on the wheel. You should only play this if you are betting on the Deal or No Deal position, otherwise stick to regular roulette.

There is no point in taking offers on the Deal or No Deal game that would be less than if you had bet on a single number, so carry on until you at least match the amount offered on a straight-up number.

Online Deal or No Deal Roulette uses a slightly different concept when awarding the feature game, using instead a rotating outer wheel. You can play Deal or No Deal Roulette online at Rizk.

7.5 Total Score
Roulette and Deal or No Deal, the Best of Both

Two bonus positions for a double chance of hitting the Deal or No Deal Roulette bonus.

  • A good fun Deal or No Deal bonus round.
  • Available online in a slightly different form.
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