Double Action Roulette

Double Action Roulette

Double Action Roulette is a game that is based on a traditional roulette wheel, but it differs from the traditional roulette game by offering unique variations, this is done by spinning two winning numbers in a single spin.

There’s two sets of numbers on the wheel, the inner ring and outer ring, which is situated in opposing order. One spin will mark two numbers. The layout on the Double Action Roulette table consists of two areas that are identical, each area holds bets for one of the two sets of numbers on that wheel. Plus, new areas that include the Double Action Roulette track are there for you to place bets on double numbers occurring, which pay 1,200 to 1.

Double Action Roulette is for the players who love the thrills, excitement and intensity from playing two roulette wheels at a time. Naturally, it offers more than your conventional roulette table, such as the Double Action bets which offer you higher odds. Double Action Roulette doesn’t affect the standard Roulette rules and procedures.

Play Online for Free or Real Money

Double Action Roulette

One: You simply select a chip value for betting by heading to the bottom of your screen and clicking the relevant value. Your desired chip will rise slightly and the outer edge will turn to indicate it has been selected. To change the value, you simply click on a different chip.

Two: Hover your cursor over the betting cloth, which is situated next to the Roulette wheel. Every bet type will be illuminated as you hover over it and the odds for each bet will be shown by each of the bets.

Three: Click on the betting cloth to place your bet. The chip you selected previously will be dropped onto that particular bet. If you wish to place another bet of equal value, you simply click that area again. You can mix chip values on the same bet if you wish to do so. Place as many bets as you wish.

Four: Once you’re happy with your bets, click the spin button. The Roulette wheel will spin and eventually the ball will stop on two numbers. These numbers are the results of that draw. Any winnings from correct bets will be paid immediately. Losing bets will be deducted from your balance. Click the repeat button if you wish to play the next game with the same bets as the previous game, or click to start a new game.

Where to play Double Action Roulette

Head to Rizk Casino where you can try the game in free play mode before deciding if you want to stake any of your hard earned cash on it.

If you like the game and want to play for real, Betfair will give new players a great bonus of up to £1000, or try some other casinos for more great bonus offers in the list below.

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A Different Type of Roulette Game.

Play two roulette wheels and hit a double number to win 12000 times your stake!

  • Win up to 1200x your stake.
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