Fireball 500 Roulette

Fireball 500 Roulette

Fireball 500 Roulette is a Ladbrokes and Coral FOBT style roulette game created by SG-Gaming. Fireball 500 Roulette pays odds of up to 100/1 on the bonus, with a maximum prize per game of £500 and is similar in style to the William Hill FOBT favourite Bagatelle.
Fireball 500 Roulette uses a bagatelle style game layout with regular roulette numbers from zero to 36. Bets are placed in the usual way, but this time chip values start from as little as 10p, however there is a £1 minimum per game. The betting layout will be familiar to anyone who has played any type of bookies bonus roulette game, with the optional bonus betting position on the right of the betting grid. The maximum bet per game is £50, although this can be increased up to £100 via loading cash at the counter or using a Coral Connect Card should you have one.

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Fireball 500 Roulette FOBT Betting

Betting chips start from only 10p, which is a nice change as most FOBT roulette games have a minimum of 25p. You can change the value of the chips using the ‘stake’ button, with options from low, medium to high, or simply press to same betting position multiple times to increase your stake on the number. The maximum bet on a number is a little under £14, to return the maximum amount of £500. The maximum bet on the bonus is £5, with a minimum of £1 and increments of £1 for the options in-between.
Fireball 500 Roulette has the same betting options that you would find on a traditional bookies roulette game, so you may bet on red or black, odd or even, and high or low should you wish, plus the usual corners, splits etc. the real difference comes from the bonus game.

The bonus on Fireball 500 Roulette is awarded when the ball falls through one of the two holes nestled within the pins on the bagatelle style gaming board, so the game implies you have two chances of hitting the bonus. If the ball misses these two positions, it will continue its bounce down to the bottom of the gaming board and land in one of the 37 numbers in the same fashion as 100 to 1 Bagatelle. If you have bet on one of these numbers standard bookies roulette odds are awarded (36/1 or 1/1 on the even money bets). If the ball falls into either one of the Fireball 500 bonus positions the bonus game is awarded (you must have at least the minimum stake on the bonus, otherwise it will count as a lose).
For each £1 staked on the Fireball 500 Roulette bonus, a fireball is awarded up to a maximum of five. The number grid converts to a rotating cash grid and each fireball is launched individually. All cash wins are accumulative, with the total added up once all your balls have been used. The maximum win per ball is £100, with a minimum of £12 so you are effectively looking at odds from 12/1 up to 100/1, roughly in line with 100 to 1 Bagatelle which has a minimum of 15/1.

Fireball 500 Roulette is a fun game and plays at a decent rate of speed roughly in keeping with 20p Roulette. The additional bonus makes it an enjoyable addition to the bonus roulette games that appear with increasing frequency on the bookies betting terminals. At the moment there is no online version of Fireball 500 Roulette, however as SG-Gaming tends to release a lot of their games online (Key Bet Roulette for example), it is possible we could see a version of this in the near future.

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