Hot Shot Roulette

Played on Coral and Ladbrokes betting terminals, Hot Shot Roulette is a bonus roulette game with a Deal or No Deal style twist. Place your bets anywhere on the table from the numbers 0 up to 36, then housed directly opposite zero is the Hot Shot Roulette bonus position. This makes the layout very similar to one of the most popular bonus roulette games; Key Bet Roulette, however the bonus game is played differently, and requires player interaction.

Prior to been awarded the Hot Shot Roulette bonus, you must first bet on the table. The table limits are usually £1, however this can change during certain times of the day and may go up to £5 during busy periods. Chips are either 5p or 20p and must total at least the table minimum. The Hot Shot Roulette position has a minimum bet of £1 up to a maximum of £5.
The roulette table allows for the standard roulette bets that you come to expect from the betting terminals, with maximum bets of either £50 or £100 per spin.

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Hotshot Roulette

Hot Shot Roulette

When you are happy with all of your betting, press the spin button for the animated wheel to determine the outcome. Any winning bets are paid, with both regular winning bets and losing spins returning you to the start once the game has completed.
If the ball lands on the Hot Shot Roulette bonus, providing you have placed at least the minimum bet on it, you will be taken to the Hot Shot Roulette bonus game. The bonus game consists of a tower of 18 prizes, the values of which are determined according to your bet prior to entering the game. The top prize is £500 with a £5 bet on the bonus position.
The game will then shuffle the prize values around in the form of a grid of playing cards, you then eliminate five to be given an offer; so very similar to Deal or No Deal at this point. Either select the offer or carry on. You can play right until the end, with the last card remaining been your prize.
If you deal early on, you will not know what the value of your prize could have been as it could be any one of the remaining cards.

Hot Shot Roulette is a pretty good bonus roulette game and often features in the happy hour promotions that the bookies run. During these periods the chip values are reduced to only 5p, with a £1 minimum bet. You could just bet £1 per spin on the bonus position, giving you odds of 38/1 of playing the bonus game, you then have a further 18/1 chance of winning the top prize, so pretty long odds.

Hot Shot Roulette isn’t available online, and probably never will be. You can play it in Ladbrokes and Corals betting shops for a maximum of £100 per spin.

4 Total Score
Hit the Bonus for a Deal or No Deal Style Bonus Game.

Bookies roulette with a take it or leave it bonus to win up to £500.

  • 38/1 chance of hitting the bonus.
  • Not available online.
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