Hot Streak Bonus Roulette

Hot Streak Bonus Roulette

Roulette Hot Streak Bonus gives players the benefits of traditional roulette, plus the chance to turn a lucky streak into big cash.

Every bet on Hot Streak Bonus covers a group of six different numbers. You can bet on up to six of the Hot Streak Bonus groups. If one of your chosen numbers in your bet groups wins, you have started the Hot Streak Roulette bonus game, which has the potential to grow and reward you richly.

Aside from winning an award for hitting one of the six numbers in your chosen group, the corresponding Hot Streak Bonus stays active for as long as the Hot Streak continues. Every time you hit a different number in your bet group, it increases your award. This can be increased up to a staggering 25,000x if you can hit any of the 6 different numbers within that group, without going outside of that bet group.

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How to Play Hot Streak Bonus Roulette

Playing is simple, the goal to remember is to guess where you think the ball will land within the wheel, and to place your bets according to that. Place your bets, whether it be one, two three or more – then click spin to start the game. When the ball lands on a number in that wheel, the game will stop. If you have that number chosen within your bet, you will win instantly. The odds pay the same as traditional roulette; 36/1 for a straight up number.

A marker will be shown on the number board to show the last winning position. This winning outcome will also be shown as the top number in the outcome history display, towards the right of the game screen.

If the winning outcome matches a number covered by a Hot Streak Bonus, this will initiate the Hot Streak Bonus game. The corresponding Hot Streak bet will continue to ride until the Hot Streak has completed. Whilst the spins are spinning during the Hot Streak, you have the option of placing additional traditional roulette bets.


  • Select a chip value from the game controls on your screen.
  • Place your bets on the table. Move your cursor across the number board and you will see the payout ratios for each bet.
  • To remove a bet press the clear button.
  • To place a bet on the Hot Streak, chose a chip value and click any of the bet spots in the Hot Streak Bonus area.
  • You can repeat you’re your last bets if you wish by clicking the rebet button.
  • The double bet button doubles your current bet every time you click it.

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6 Total Score
Win up to a Massive 25,000 Times your Stake!

European roulette with a massive odds side game.

  • Win x25,000 your stake.
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