Key Bet 500 Roulette

Key Bet 500 is the latest roulette game to appear in Ladbrokes and Coral bookies on their roulette machines. Key Bet 500 borrows heavily from 100/1 Roulette but uses a bonus multiplier in place of the standard green positions found on the Betfred and William Hill version of the game.
Key Bet 500 pays 100/1 for a straight up number, and up to 500/1 on one of the bonus key positions, making the winning potential very big.

As Key Bet 500 has such high odds, should you be on a lucky streak you’ll find your winnings often significantly greater than standard roulette. I’ve personally found that I tend to get far higher cash amounts playing these 100/1 roulette games than I do on standard roulette. Although it is less likely to happen, a few good numbers will dramatically increase your winnings balance.

As the betting table on Key Bet 500 is so large, there are additional betting options to help you along the way, as well as neighbours bets which is very handy if you are betting on the Key Bets and the numbers directly in line with them. Each bet increases by 10p up until you reach £1, at which point it will increase by £1 at a time up to the maximum which is slightly under £5 per number.

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Key Bet 500 Roulette

Key Bet 500 Odds

The odds of landing on any number including the Key Bet 500 positions is 105 to 1, with all of the standard positions paying out at 100/1 and the Key Bets paying anything from 50/1 up to 500/1. This means that the maximum bet on the keys is £1 for a maximum win of £500. The odds on landing on any of the five keys is 21/1.
At the start of the game, the bonus multiplier wheel will rotate and land on a multiplier value. This value is then paid out at the odds shown should you land on any Key Bet 500 position with a bet on.

Key Bet 500 Tips

You should always bet on the Key Bet 500 positions as even a 10p chip has the potential to return £50. Those kind of odds are very rare on bookies roulette games, so it is worth taking advantage of.
At the moment you press the bet button, the ball will land opposite to where it began. This isn’t beneficial in anyway, but it will give you a heads-up of roughly where the ball will end up before it has stopped.
The Key Bet 500 Roulette multiplier wheel has twenty different positions, with the highest value been 500/1 and the second highest 225/1. From that point the highest is 200/1 right down to 50/1, with sixteen various values in-between.

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Win £500 with a £1 Bet on key Bet 500

Play Key Bet 500 bookies roulette to win a random multiplier for up to £500 with a £1 stake.

  • Potential large prize for a low stake.
  • Not available online.
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