Penny Roulette

Low Stakes Roulette

Penny Roulette is exactly as the name implies; a traditional game of European roulette with chips from just one penny. The table and wheel layout is as you would expect from a European roulette table, with a single zero housed between the red 32 and black 26, a betting table with 37 straight-up betting options and the usual outside bets; red/black, odd/even, high/low.

This guide relates to Penny Roulette at Betfred which allows for bets of 1p per spin, you can even bet 1p on an outside 50/50 bet. Some other online casinos offer Penny Roulette but have higher minimum betting requirements, usually either 50p per spin or £1, so check beforehand if you want to place smaller bets.

Although you won’t make much money playing Penny Roulette, you will still get a fun roulette game without the worry of losing large amounts of cash, and if you want to you can increase your stake all the way up to £500 per spin (Betfred). These type of stakes make Penny Roulette a great game to try out your favourite roulette systems without much risk, or just to have a nice, none-expensive roulette game.
Placing a 1p chip on any single number will return odds of 36/1, with all other standard betting options available including dozens and streets and columns.
The animation on Penny Roulette is ok, it’s nothing special but at the same times isn’t too bad either, it’s basic but does the job.

Play Online for Free or Real Money

Penny Roulette Table Bets

You can play Penny Roulette online at many casinos, and it is a great way as an introduction to the online version of the game. This guide was written for the Betfred game, however most online casinos have a low stakes version of roulette, so feel free to check out the list of online casinos on this site and choose your favourite playing location.

Penny Roulette Online Tips

The best thing about Penny Roulette is that it is cheap. At Betfred you can spin the wheel for only 1p per spin, and that can either be straight up on a number, or even on an outside bet. Obviously you are not going to win much, but it is a fantastic way to try out any roulette systems, or just pass the time.

8 Total Score
A Great Way to Try Roulette Systems with Real Money

European roulette on very low stakes, great for all budgets and trying out systems.

  • Play for as low as 1p a spin.
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