Slottolette can be found at Rizk online casino, and on William Hill betting terminals. It is a game based on the traditional European casino game of roulette with a slight twist. The difference is that it comes with a 3 reel, one line slot machine. You have the option of placing several bets during this game, such as corner bets, line bets and so on. You’ll also find a ‘neighbours bet’ option, this is an option where players can quickly place chips on their desired position on the wheel without the hassle of finding them on the table individually. If bets are placed on the slot machine, you will see this feature spin whilst the roulette wheel is spinning, meaning both are played at the same time. It’s confusing at first, which is why it is not too popular in the bookies, but after a short time, it becomes more fun.

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  • Before you can play Slottolette, you need to have cash in your gaming account, this will be used to buy your chips. You can add funds from here.
  • Choose your desired stake from the selection of chips on your gaming screen.
  • Place your bets on the table by clicking on the positions on the table. These positions 9or squares), have numbers ranging from 0 to 36.
  • One of your chips will be placed on the betting table every time you click on a betting area.
  • You have the option of betting on the slot machine feature, to the left of your screen at the same time.
  • Bet only on the roulette wheel or on the slot machine and the roulette wheel if you wish, but you cannot just bet on the slot machine.
  • On the slot machine you place your bet on the ‘1 spin’, ‘3 spin’ or ‘5 spin’ betting areas.
  • Bets placed on the slot machine betting area, will be multiplied by the number of spins for that area.
  • Players can only place bets on one of the three betting areas of the slot machine for each roulette spin. Opting for the ‘5 spin’ on the slot machine feature will give your spins during the next spin of the roulette wheel. The roulette wheel only spins once.

Place as many or as few bets as you like, as long as you have the funds to cover it. Maximum payout for any one single game is an impressive £36,000. The minimum stake is only 10p for a single bet. The maximum stake on the slot machine bet is £100 per slot spin. Maximums stake for all player bets is £10,000, this includes slot spins and roulette spins.

Slottolette is a fun and different type of bonus roulette game. You can play Slottolette online at Rizk, or in the bookies on the FOBTs under the casino section of the menu.

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A strange mixture of a slot machine and a roulette table.

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