Luck O the Irish

Luck O’ the Irish Slot

Luck O the Irish is an incredibly popular slot machine found in the majority of betting locations across the UK, as well as many online casinos. It started life on the back screens of the betting terminals in William Hill, but Luck O the Irish has since progressed to service stations, arcades, a lot of bingo halls and has become prominently displayed on the latest betting terminals front screen. And although the jackpots in land based locations are fixed at £500; online, Luck O the Irish has increased stakes and prize values reaching several hundreds of thousands of pounds with each random spin.

Luck O the Irish uses multiple stakes to offer gameplay to suit most slot machine players budgets. The stake options are 25p, 50p, £1 and £2, with a jackpot of £500 (land based stakes and jackpot, online varies considerably).
Unfortunately there is no gamble option, which I find disappointing and could easily have been added as an option for players who want to make use of it.

Luck O the Irish uses ten winlines across five reels and pays for winning combinations of three matching adjacent symbols or more. There are no features, and the simplicity of this slot machine makes it appeal to all levels of player.
The multiple stakes use varying levels of return to player, with 25p often paying 88%, up to £2 which will mostly be on 92%. The £2 stake also brings in to play the mystery symbol reels, with each mystery symbol in view all converting to one of the reel symbols. It’s very possible, and sometimes very frequent to land large clusters of these mystery symbols which often result in large wins.

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Luck o the Irish Slot Machine

In my opinion the £2 stake offers by far the best value for money, with not only the increase in percentage having a positive effect, the mystery reels also land so frequently as to make for an enticing and very addictive slot machine.

You can play Luck O the Irish in William Hill and Betfred bookies, most bingo halls and motorway service stations, arcades and online. To play online, visit your favourite casino for the list on the right of this page.

Luck O the Irish Tips

For a very long time Luck O the Irish was my favourite slot machine, and although I am a little bored of it now, it is still a great game. Playing on £2 per spin offers the chance of random symbols appearing on the reels, these symbols then all morph into one of the reel symbols, this can result in very large wins, and even jackpots. I always play Luck O the Irish on £2 per spin as the winning potential, especially for large wins is greatly increased.
The bookies also offer a £2 per spin game with the same winning potential as above, but strangely there is also a £10 per spin version that does the same and offers the same percentage. The £10 Fortune Spins Luck O the Irish opens up four reels, essentially meaning you are paying £2.50 per spin for something that is identical on £2 per spin, meaning avoid the Fortune Spins on Luck O the Irish.

9 Total Score
One of the Best Lo-Tech Slot Machines Currently Available

Spin in clusters of mystery symbols to win big random prizes.

  • Win big on low stakes.
  • Play online and in the bookies / arcades.
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