Progressive Pots Slot Machine Tips

Progressive pots are one of the most popular aspects of slot machines and fruit machines, so enjoy these progressive pots slot machine tips.
Made most popular by Rainbow Riches, the concept of progressive pots and progressive jackpots has spread to most £500 jackpot slot machines, as well as many land casinos and online casino games and £100 jackpot pub fruit machines.
Slot machines such as Genie Jackpots have progressive pots which can reach beyond £1m, and although there are some others that offer life-changing sums of money, the majority offer ‘happy’ values, adding a more exciting element to most slot machines.

The latest theme for progressive jackpots is the guaranteed win whereby the progressive pot will pay before reaching a certain amount. Popular in casinos across America, these guaranteed pots have made their way to British shores and can be found on many land casino slot machines, as well as an increasing number of £500 jackpot bookies and arcade slots.
Although these progressive pots increase at a slower rate than the non-guaranteed pots, the spike in play prior to their payout limit makes them far more popular, and as such more and more of these types of slot are been created.

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Slots such as Mega Pots and Jackpot Giant have brought this concept to the bookies roulette machines, however they have been in land casinos for quite some time, with progressive pot jackpots up to £10,000 receiving queues of players when the perceived payout is due. This creates a massive boost in income for the operator as well as a happy payout for one lucky player. The Mega Pots slot machine went straight in to the top three earners with this concept, so we can be sure to see more of these in the coming months.

Progressive Pots Slot Machine Tips

If you have a choice of more than one slot machine to play; for example in the bookies on Cops N Robbers Gold, it makes sense to play the slot with the highest progressive pots. As most gold pots are defaulted to £500, you will do best to play the highest combined values.
Although the odds of hitting the pots are the same (if the slots are played on the same stake and the percentages are the same), the values can be vastly different, so shop around a little and play the one with the highest combined pots. If you are lucky enough to get a chance of a progressive pot, you will win more.

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