Extra Bet Roulette

Exra Bet Roulette

Extra Bet Roulette cheats for progressive jackpot roulette machine games. Very much like Key Bet, Extra Bet Roulette uses a progressive cashpot and a bonus multiplier wheel to enhance a standard roulette game. Playing for the cashpot on Extra Bet Roulette is a great little roulette machine cheat due to the simplicity in understanding the concept of the game. Firstly, find the Extra Bet Roulette game with the highest progressive cashpot. There is one on each roulette machine, so four in total in Betfred and William Hill bookies.
Ideally you need pots of £220 or more, although a little lower doesn’t matter too much. Once you have found your ideal progressive pot, lay out your chips with £1 on the bonus position and £4 spread equally on 16 different numbers. Once you are happy with your bets, simply press start and keep repeating the process until you win the progressive cashpot.

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Extra Bet Roulette has a 70/1 value on the bonus wheel, so landing this can significantly increase your profits and allow you to play for a lot longer while you wait for the progressive pot to come in. The other values are all pretty good, and as you should always have £1 on the bonus position, you may find you land a few bonus multipliers within a short space of time to help increase your profits.

Just like Lucky 8 Roulette, Extra Bet is a waiting game, so you need a lot of patience and the ability to just sit back and wait for your lucky spin. Don’t deviate from the strategy or you may end up costing yourself a lot of money, besides, if you treat it just like a normal roulette game, you may as well play standard roulette for slightly better odds.

7 Total Score
Progressive Cashpot Similar to Key Bet Roulette

The more often this FOBT roulette game is played, the larger the cashpot becomes.

  • Potential winnings increase the larger the pot becomes.
  • Has a x70 bonus.
  • Rarely played, so often low cashpot values.
  • Can be costly and time consuming.
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