Fruit Machine Emptiers

Fruit Machine Emptiers

Top Gear is an old fruit machine from Barcrest that was initially set on £25 jackpot. Although it’s old now, this fruit machine cheat still works, with the game been found in seaside arcades, cinemas and holiday parks.
This cheat is for both the £25 jackpot and the £5 jackpot version of the fruit machine, however the £5 jackpot can be played in one of two ways.

Top Gear is a very basic fruit machine, with two progressive ladders; features and cash. The idea is of course to build them as high as possible then collecting your ideal amount of money. The problem with the £25 jackpot version was that the high and low gamble was so bad that it became incredibly difficult to gamble any reasonable distance without it losing. Luckily there was a fruit machine cheat for this; simply collect a feature then turbo gamble as high as possible. For the most part the turbo gamble climbs to either Rock It, which is a super hold feature, or it will climb all the way to the mega streak at the very top of the game.

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Fruit Machine £100

Fruit Machine Emptiers

To help you obtain at least one feature, there is often a step on the number reel, or a red number so you can high or low to the most likely outcome that involves a feature of some sort. You should also make use of the bonus nudges to manipulate the reels for the Rock It feature. You will most likely be able to move either melons or red or blue sevens into view within one or two steps (Rock It offers a two-step super hold). Once you have set your reels up accordingly, take a feature then turbo gamble your way up the ladder. If it loses straight away, walk away as the fruit machine is dead. If it wins, keep repeating the process until it eventually loses. You can make good money, especially off of the £25 jackpot one.

The other way to play this fruit machine is only for the £5 jackpot version. Instead of turbo gambling a feature, simply play the board for shots. The shots add up to £5 very quickly; in fact most boards are worth £4 or £5 without even trying to win a turbo gamble. Use your steps wisely, and step to feature shots to ensure you get the most out of the board.
Playing this way also kills the fruit machine pretty dead, with it losing the turbo gambles straight away.

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