How to Win on Slots UK

How to Win on Slots

This guide will explain how to win on slots UK, specifically targeting the bookies roulette machines, but also arcades, bingo halls and motorway service stations. This How to Win on Slots UK guide doesn’t cover online casinos.

When you play slot machines, you are at a disadvantage from the outset, this is due to the slot machines percentage (RTP) is always in the operators favour. The location will ultimately determine the RTP the operator has set the gaming machines on. As a general rule, the bookies are always the same; around 92%. Bingo halls are again around 92%, motorway services are the lowest of the bunch, drifting ever lower, but at the moment mostly around 90%. Amusement arcades vary greatly depending on the location and the competition from other similar businesses. Seaside arcades are generally always the lowest legally possible, so feature wise and gameplay wise, you’ll miss out greatly when you play in these locations.
Although bookies are generally grubby little hovels with groups of people hanging around watching you play, the percentages will usually be the highest in the area, and you’ll know they are consistent.

If you want to win on slot machines in the UK, you need to play in the locations with the highest percentages, this will ensure in the long term, more features and more wins. Online slots always have the highest percentages, usually around 96% – 97% however this How to Win on Slots UK guide is written with the assumption that the slot machine you will be playing will have a gamble option. Many online slots do not allow for a gamble, and those that do, like at Betfred Casino have no real cut-off point as the jackpots are in the tens of thousands. UK bookie and arcade slots all have jackpot of £500, so the cut-off point is the £500.

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Slot Machines UK

How to Win on Slots UK

As previously mentioned, you need to be looking for slots with gamble options. I’ve written this guide with the Mazooma type slot in mind, the ones with the x2, x4, x5 and x10 gamble options, slots like Worms, Wish Upon a Jackpot and such like. There are a lot of different versions, all of which have the same gamble at the end of each game, and most of which are found on the same gambling terminals.
Although this may seem very basic and not to everyone’s liking, just play for reel and feature wins of £25 up to £50, and gamble them on the x10. Like I said, it is very basic, but this method ensures that when you win, you win big. I’ve had two £50 wins in a row gamble on the x10 to £500, and loads of times I’ve had the smaller wins bring me £250, £300 etc. This method ensures that your gambling budget is put to the maximum potential. You are far less likely to win a £500 jackpot any other way, and if you lose, you lose, but if you win, you will win a lot of money.
A lot of slot players use a similar method on Rainbow Riches, aiming for wins of £30 and above, then maxing out the gamble for the £500. That method is equally as good, and does have a high degree of success. The odds are true odds, and 10/1 isn’t that bad.

Many of the online slots at Betfred Casino all have a gamble option, and depending on which slot you play, the gamble will be different. Most of them, like Lucky Ladies Charm have a 50/50 red or black card game gamble, and a x4 on the suit. As the gamble limit is so high, it’s difficult to know when to stop gambling, so go for these according to your budget. You may be a bit gutted is a £2000 gamble loses, but if it’s low like £50, it’s far easier to absorb. Try the Bell Fruit online slots here.

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