Key Bet Roulette Cheats

Key Bet Roulette Cheats

Key Bet Roulette is an old, but very popular bonus roulette game found on Ladbrokes and Coral roulette machines. The game uses a standard roulette wheel with numbers from 0 to 36, plus an additional ‘bonus’ slot of Key Bet. The Key Bet bonus features a multiplier plus a progressive cashpot that increases in value by a small percentage with each spin.
Each roulette machine has two versions of Key Bet Roulette, one that can be played for £1 per spin, and the other that requires a minimum of £5 per spin. It goes without saying that the higher stake versions of the game will nearly always have the higher progressive cashpot values.

For this roulette machine cheat to work you need to find the progressive pots with the highest values. You will have eight to check in each bookie, so you might find more than one good one.
As the Key Bet Roulette pot is progressive and can reach up to £500, there is a point where the value of the pot will push the odds into the players favour. This point is roughly £220, but of course the higher the better.

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Key Bet Roulette Wheel

Key Bet Roulette Cheats

Once you have found a Key Bet pot of a suitable value, you need to place the minimum bet in order to achieve the best return. Place £1 on the Key Bet, and as it is likely £5 minimum per spin, place the other £4 in 20p chips on straight-up numbers. To lower the chip values from 25p to 20p, simply change the values from the bottom screen options.
This type of betting will result in any winning numbers returning £7.20, or a Key Bet multiplier or cashpot. You will also lose a maximum of £5 per spin.

Once you are happy with everything, click spin and hope. This roulette machine cheat can be a very long and drawn out process, it can also be costly, but in the long run your profit should be obvious. You can’t deviate from this cheat though, so just sit and be patient. If you have a loyalty card, be sure to use it to get free vouchers that will further increase your winnings.

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