Mega Pots Slot Machine

Mega Pots is an Electrocoin £500 jackpot slot machine found on William Hill roulette machines, as well as in arcades, bingo halls and motorway service stations. The slot machine is a basic Bar-X type game with a very simple playing structure. What sets it apart are the five individual progressive pots that can be won, one above each reel. These progressive cashpots have a paying structure that ensures they must be won by a certain point in the game.
Reel one has to be won before it reaches £100, reel two is £200, reel three is £300, reel four is £400 and reel five is £500. This paying system is very common in many casinos, with progressive cashpots and jackpots reaching up to £10,000, however it is not too common in town centre bookies at the moment, although that is gradually changing with releases such as Mega Pots and Jackpot Giant.

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mega pots

Mega Pots

This slot machine cheat simply involves finding cashpots that are near their paying limit, then play them. It’s as simple as that, and if you find a high one you could be looking at making £500 or more.
To check the value of the cashpots, simply load up the game. If any are near to their paying limit, play it. You may be lucky and find multiple pots on the same slot machine all near their limits, this will mean even bigger profits. You’ll also get your game-play wins too, which can also be very high.

If you are checking the roulette machines for high cashpots, there are two versions of the game on each betting terminal, so eight in each shop. The first one is obvious, with the second set of pots in the ‘fortune spins’ part of the game, so be sure to check them all.
You can take them on when the £400 and £500 pots are within £50, and the lower ones use at your own discretion, but within £20 to £10 should see you ok. Change this slightly if you have one to back the other up as you can easily win more than one of the pots.

8 Total Score
Five Progressive Cashpots!

Five progressive cashpots, each set to pay by a certain limit on each reel.

  • Guaranteed cashpots within a certain amount.
  • Different values within the Fortune Spins game.
  • Eight different pots on each betting terminal.
  • Pots values often low.
  • Not available online.
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