Pub Machine Cheats 2018

Pub Machine Cheats 2018

Pub Machine Cheats for £100 jackpot fruit machines. Deal or No Deal Golden Game and Perfect Deal are pretty similar, except Golden Game has the annoying base reels which force you to collect wins, meaning feature entries will cost more as the percentage is levelled off slightly from all of the small wins.
Aside from the base reels, the feature games are identical, and so this fruit machine cheat is for both £100 jackpot versions of this machine.

Play the game until you have lit up the Deal or No Deal feature, play on either £1 or 50p stake, whichever cashpot is the highest. If both are on £100, play on £1 play to start as it will be quicker. A good sign is moving into the middle board frequently.
When the Deal or No Deal game has become active, play around the board trying to light up the bonus golden phones which are then randomly placed between the wins on the Deal or No Deal board. Ideally you are playing for these bonus phones, not a cash prize to start with. Try to light up four or five of these to stand a good chance of winning it without losing the game. At this point play the Deal or No Deal feature and hope for either the £100 jackpot or a win with one of the golden phones beside it. Remember to use these Deal or No Deal cheats to work out what is in your box.


Fruit Machine £100

Pub Machine Cheats 2018

When you have been awarded the golden phones, the Golden Game button will light up (it may also light up during the game, so watch out for it). Press this button to be taken to a super Deal or No Deal game where the cashpot and mega streak are both available. The offer can also offer the cashpot during the game, so be aware of that. Ideally you are playing for the mega streak, but also the cashpot.
The cashpot is a free win, so if won, carry on playing for another Deal or No Deal game board. The mega streak often does £200. If it repeats past £100, it is always for £200 which is a great sum of money.

Other things to be aware of are the Cash or Bust wins as these are often the Golden Game feature. These also progress and can award the cashpot or mega streak. The hint button may tell you what the win is going to be, and it’s great when it tells you ‘Cash or Bust will be mega streak’.

This is a great fruit machine and is a professionals favourite. Play them like this for maximum winning potential.

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