Rainbow Riches Cheats 2018

Rainbow Riches Cheats

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is one of the best Rainbow Riches games to come out in recent times. There is a more in-depth guide here, but this is for some Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix cheats and tips.
Hosted on Coral and Ladbrokes roulette machines, Pick and Mix allows you to select your favourite features from previous Rainbow Riches slot machines. There are also multiple stakes, plus a mega game stake that allows you to play for up to £50 per spin!

There are several ways to play this slot, and these Rainbow Riches cheats relate to the multiple ways you can get the most from your money.

When you first load Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix you are presented with the option of selecting up to three features, however you can select just one or two. If you select less, your chances of hitting that feature increase, so you may want to select just one or two features.

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Rainbow Riches Cheats 2018

Treat it like Pure Pots.

This Rainbow Riches cheat involves playing the slot machine exactly like it was Rainbow Riches Pure Pots. Simply select the Pots of Gold feature as your only feature, then play at £1 a spin and sit and wait. You can land up to five pots, and three can land anywhere on any of the five reels.
The benefit of this is that it avoids the other features so that your odds increase slightly, and allows you to aim solely for the highest value feature.
To get the most out of this playing method, choose the Pick and Mix with the highest pot values. Arcades, service stations, bingo halls and bookies all have this slot machine, so there is a lot of choice when it comes to looking for the highest pot values.

Select Only One Feature. 

As mentioned above, choosing only one feature increases your odds of winning it. If you don’t fancy the long odds of winning a Pot of Gold, how about select only the Leprechauns or Mushrooms bonus? These will come in more often than the higher valued features, but they can still pay large amounts of money. The Leprechauns can pay up to £500, whereas the Mushrooms are limited, but the prize can be doubled if you clear the field with at least one pick left.

Play it on Mega Spins.

The roulette machines allow for a mega version of the game for up to £50 a spin. That’s a lot of money so you have to be sure it’s worth it. As above, choose your feature or features, you will then be presented with a gamble under each of your selected features. The odds will change the higher the stake but some, like Pots of Gold and Fields of Gold will still be very high odds even at £50 a spin, so be careful with that one.
Press bet and the arrow will spin and stop either in a win or lose. If you win, the feature starts, if you lose you are awarded five spins on the standard reels.
The benefit of the mega games is that it avoids the reels and gives you the chance to jump straight into the feature of your choice. The massive downside is that it can be very expensive, and even if you win the feature, you still may win less than it cost to play it!

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