Rainbow Riches Cheats

Rainbow Riches Cheats

Like a Barcrest fruit machine of the old days, Rainbow Riches Money Mad Mushrooms streaks after a jackpot or progressive pot bonus win. The pot doesn’t need to be a jackpot; any bronze, silver or gold win may trigger the Rainbow Riches cheats for Money Mad Mushrooms.
As most locations that have this version of Rainbow Riches tend to have two or more, check them all for the highest value pots, then if you feel they are significantly high enough, play them on that stake until you are awarded a pot bonus. Once you have won a pot, change stake to 25p play, and play for a while. It is easy to tell that the Rainbow Riches cheat for Money Mad Mushrooms is working as you’ll be awarded lots of picks and wins. The streaks usually end on a pot bonus of gold, for a final £100. The largest streak I have had is £500, but it is usually around £200 with the pots and pick win combined.

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Rainbow Riches Cheats

It may take a while for it to streak, especially if someone has also used this cheat before.

Check all of the pots, and play the highest values. You can often find bronze and silver pots close to £100 (gold is always on £100).

Rainbow Riches Money Mad Mushrooms can be found in arcades, motorway service stations and bingo halls.

Play for the progressive pots on your chosen stake, then change down to 25p play to get the remainder of the streak out of the slot machine for minimal cost.

Collect all wins along the way. Sometimes the picks with bonus spins can add up to £50 or more.

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