Roulette Machine Tips 2018

Roulette Machine Tips

Roulette machines can be found in every town centre and city suburb all over the country, and each host up to 50 different types of game, from slots machines to blackjack and obscure scratch cards and bingo games. Pretty much every type of gambling that can be converted to an electronic screen has been done so, the most popular of which is roulette, and although the official name for these machines is Fixed Odds Betting Terminal, they are most commonly known as Roulette Machines.

Playing roulette is very simple, select your numbers, press bet, and hope. In a casino your bets are limited by the pace of the game, but with the Roulette Machines, your bets can be ploughed through every 20 seconds. This insane speed combined with the ease of putting your virtual chips all over the place gives the bookie a massive advantage.

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Roulette Machine Tips 2018

When you are playing at a proper roulette table with real chips, you are very unlikely to place your chips on every possible outcome, but surprisingly on the Roulette Machines people do this all the time, and it’s the dumbest bet imaginable. I know you don’t want to lose, but betting on every number will ensure a slow demise without the chance of ever winning anything worthwhile. If you have a small budget, either don’t play them at all, or bet on just a handful of numbers. You probably won’t win as more losing outcomes will be available, but if you do win, at least you will win something worthwhile. To put it another way; what’s the point of betting £5 per spin when the majority of your number will return £4.50? Take you £5 and place either £1 or 50p on the numbers. You’ll only have 5 or 10 numbers covered, but at least the return is better than a sure fire slow demise.

Another helpful tip is to avoid the bonus roulette games such as Key Bet Roulette, unless you are playing for the bonus. If you are just betting on the numbers, there is an extra position for you to lose at. This is why the bookies use the bonus roulette games in their happy hour promotions as the odds are more in their favour than regular roulette. Did you also know that if you bet on an outside 50/50 bet in a casino and it loses, you get half of your stake returned. This doesn’t happen in the bookies, which is another reason to avoid them and either play in a real casino or play online for better odds, and a nicer atmosphere.

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