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Top 10 Bookies Roulette Games

Bookies roulette are the most popular type of games on the fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT’s), and to feed the appetite of the roulette machine players, the bookies are constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to play roulette. Some of the FOBT roulette games are good fun and offer a fair chance, others such as Super x50 Bonus Roulette are a complete waste of time, so let’s countdown the top 10 bookies roulette games.

10 – Dragon Bet Roulette (Betfred and William Hill)

20p RouletteDragon Bet Roulette is an old but still reasonably popular FOBT roulette game offering standard roulette with the addition of an optional side bet that can pay either x150 or x350. The minimum chip value on the side bet is 10p, but you do need to illuminate the Dragon Bet Roulette section first with either a straight-up bet or one of the outside bets.
I’ve had very mixed results with this one, a couple of golden dragons boosts your profit very quickly, but they can miss on the main wheel, then miss on the bonus and you end up sitting out for the long haul. Dragon Bet Roulette was the first bookies roulette game to offer such high odds on the bonus with a minimal stake.

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9 – Fireball 500 (Ladbrokes and Coral)

The latest bonus roulette game, this time in Coral and Ladbrokes features a bagatelle style game with traditional roulette numbers and layout and two chances of hitting the Fireball 500 bonus. The main part of Fireball 500 is almost identical to Inspired Gaming’s Bagatelle, however this version uses two holes amongst the pins for the ball to find the bonus. The bonus is a side bet with stakes from £1 up to £5. Each pound on the side bet awards a Fireball which is used during the bonus. During the Fireball 500 bonus, the roulette numbers at the base of the game are replaced with cash values, the highest of which is £100. Your Fireballs are then fired through the pins individually, with each cash amount totalled up when your bonus balls have been used up. The most you can win with one ball is £100, two balls £200 etc. It seems very unlikely that all five balls will fall into the £100 slot, but it is a good bonus nonetheless.

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8 – Key Bet 500 (Ladbrokes and Coral)

Very similar to 100 to 1 Roulette found in William Hill and Betfred, Key Bet 500 is a 100/1 roulette game with a slight twist; instead of multiple zeros, there is instead a winning multiplier. The multiplier can pay up to x500, but is usually around x60 to x200.
A lot of people play the game hoping to land on the multiplier, even if it is less than 100/1! Bear in mind that the straight-up numbers are fixed at 100/1.
Key Bet 500 is a good game that can pay well, but don’t expect to win the £500 jackpot off the multiplier, as it is incredibly rare.

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7 – Super Streak Roulette (Ladbrokes and Coral)

Another Ladbrokes and Coral FOBT bonus roulette game, this time featuring a lo-tech slot machine as the bonus. Just like the majority of bonus roulette games, the bonus position on Super Streak Roulette is nestled between the numbers 5 and 10, directly opposite the zero.
The bonus takes the form of a three reeled, single winline slot machine with three winning symbols; X’s, Bars and Wilds. The values of these symbols changes according to the amount initially placed on the bonus at the start of the game; the higher the bet, the larger the win in most cases.
Super Streak Roulette is a fun bonus game which has remained popular despite its age. There are multiple YouTube videos showing the bonus, but none seem to have reached the £500 jackpot!

6 – Deal or No Deal Roulette (Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred and William Hill)

There are two versions of Deal or No Deal Roulette in the bookies, one in Coral and Ladbrokes and the other in William Hill and Betfred. The concept is of course similar, and both were released at the height of Deal or No Deal’s popularity, which has gradually waned as the show reached the end of its run.
The bonus offers players the chance to select a box and work their way through a series of cash offers until they either Deal or play to the end. In the long run the ultimate playing strategy is to always play to the end, but short-term you may choose to select an offer. Ideally you shouldn’t take an offer that is lower than you would have received had you bet on a number, as you may as well play Original Roulette which offers slightly better odds. The Coral and Ladbrokes version offers a telephone style bonus in addition to the Deal or No Deal bonus game, making this version slightly better, there are also multiple versions online.

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5 – 100 to 1 Roulette (Betfred and William Hill)

100 to 1 rouletteThe animation on this is terrible as the wheel is too large to animate, so you end up with a small ball rotating around a static oval shaped roulette wheel. 100 to 1 Roulette offers (as you can gather) odds of 100/1 for a straight-up number, with multiple betting options available to make placing the chips slightly easier.
As the betting grid is so large, it can be difficult to find your favourite numbers or to cover a reasonable amount of the betting table without over doing it, but as the odds are high, it is possible to have some very good results. This YouTube video shows a large win, predominantly from playing 100 to 1 Roulette. There are however the equivalent of five zeros, so bear that in mind.

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4 – Super Gambler Roulette (Ladbrokes and Coral)

Super Gambler Roulette is a version of standard bookies roulette with the addition of an optional bonus gamble at the end of each winning spin. The animation is the same as that of Key Bet, with a solid looking wheel and ball, and two animations for each number. FOBT players tend to play this roulette game for either the more realistic style of animation or the bonus gamble that can increase their winnings up to £500.
The bonus gamble takes the form of a pie divided into multiple parts. The win and potential win are displayed, with the latter changing accordingly as you may change the odds. An arrow rotates around the pie, stopping on red is a win and black is a lose. It is also possible to bank part of your winnings to negate the risk.

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3 – Key Bet Roulette (Ladbrokes and Coral)

Key Bet RouletteKey Bet Roulette is a hugely popular bookies roulette game which features a standard European roulette wheel with the addition of a bonus spot that pays odds from x20 up to x50 and a progressive cashpot which can peak at £500.
The popularity of Key Bet Roulette comes down to the value of the progressive cashpot, which once it reaches beyond a certain amount (around £210), the odds begin to fall into the players favour. This results in certain groups of people hunting out these high pot values to make a profit in the long term (providing they stick solely to trying to win the cashpot). The appeal of Key Bet Roulette also brought about a lower stakes version whereby the game can be played with 5p chips as opposed to the regular 25p, and for just £1 a spin.

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2 – Original Roulette (Ladbrokes and Coral)

Original roulette was the first ever game to feature on the Coral and Ladbrokes betting terminals, and although all of those years ago it was simple called ‘roulette’, the fact that it has remained on the terminals for such a long time speaks volumes for the appeal of the traditional game of roulette.
The animation on Original Roulette is very basic, but the game runs smoothly and bets are easy to place. This simple appeal keeps the players coming back, with chips from 20p and maximum wins per spin of £500. I’m surprised there has never been an online version of this game, but there are countless other versions of European roulette online, so maybe it’s not needed.

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1 – 20p Roulette (Betfred and William Hill)

It’s no surprise that the top 2 positions are both occupied by traditional versions of roulette. Although the bonus roulette games are fun, in the long run the odds are slightly better on standard roulette. 20p Roulette was created by Inspired Gaming and boasts the most plays out of all of the FOBT roulette games. The low stakes and simple animation appeal to most bookies roulette players, added to it is the ability to predict roughly where the ball will land at the start of the spin (it stops opposite to its starting position). As the list shows, there have been many attempts to improve on the standard roulette game, but none beats the basic appeal of 20p Roulette.

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